New smoking fetish videos added at Smoking Flicks….

We’ve added two new smoking fetish movies at Smoking Flicks – the smoking movie streaming and video download site.

First, in a new IRL Platinum Multiples video, studious Jenna opens this video, calmly smoking a single cork, but as she finishes it she realizes it was nowhere near enough, and chains into a pair of corks and smokes both with deep drags and beautiful cone exhales. Olivia is up next, smoking a pair of VS 120s with strong, straightforward style; Gia then follows with her own multiple pair of VS 120s, smoking with sedate and sophisticated style. Finally, coed Kady is back having fun as she smokes a pair of all-whites with a big smile on her face.

Lemon is cute, sexy, flirty and an exhibitionist. She’s also a great smoker. In her first full-length video, she shows all of those attributes in nine solo scenes, most with VS 120s (although there are two with corks and one with a More). Lemon smokes on her bed, outdoors, in a bubble bath, and in an artsy black-and-white shoot; there’s often partial and teasing nudity (even outdoors in her neighborhood). There are a couple of multiples scenes, there’s a little coughing, even a foot smoking scene. Lemon shows us nice french inhales and snaps, cone exhales, and a killer smile – and the outdoor scenes are terrific.

Come check them out at Smoking Flicks :)

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