New smoking fetish videos added at Smoking Flicks….

We’ve added two new smoking fetish movies at Smoking Flicks – the smoking movie streaming and video download site.

NEW RELEASE – NEW MATERIAL! The latest IRL Platinum HD release features three beautiful models who love their smoke. Allie leads off, and in addition to her fabulous smoking (lots of double drags, thick mouth and nose exhales, rapid smoking, chaining and a multiple), she has an incredible teasing look and smile that we haven’t seen in a model since Abbie. Carmen is back to followup on her smashing debut performance; she enjoys two 120s with lots of strong hands-free smoking in addition to her huge mouth and nose exhales. Finally, Selene makes her first appearance, in lingerie and then in a tight-fitting dress (with bedroom eyes in both scenes); she devours Marlboro Menthols with strong style and lots of rapid-fire multiple drags.

And in one of Smoking Sweeties’ earliest clips: Olga started to smoke some years ago, and these days, she craves cigarettes more and more. She loves being in front of the mirror watching her thick exhales, feels sexy with a cigarette in her fingers, and adores taking double and triple drags. In this clip, she doesn’t have enough smoke while smoking just one cigarette, so she has to light another one to smoke two at once and truly be satisfied. This clip is only available for streaming,

Come check them out at Smoking Flicks :)

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