7/15: New this week at Smoke Signals Online

This week at Smoke Signals Online, the net’s premier smoking fetish site, we’ve added more than 700 new photos and 25 minutes of smoking video.

Roommates Laura-Jayne and Tiffany are featured this week in the photo galleries: in the videocap galleries, they hang out on the bed, then *in* the bed, and on the floor reading a magazine, as they smoke 120s and chat about all sorts of things including the price of cigarettes. We see some very nice smoking, including thick talking exhales throughout, and great open-mouth inhales and snaps from Tiffany – who also delights in blowing smoke, and smoke rings, into Laura-Jayne’s face. They’re also in the high-res galleries in a sexy duo scene (which includes smoke exchanges, Tiffany’s open-mouth inhales, and dangles), and finally in solo shoots.

In the video gallery, Aymie brings her little sister Emily in for a shoot; they share cigarettes as they talk about their smoking histories (among other things); Emily shows nice straightforward style while Aymie shines with her repertoire of thick mouth and nose exhales, and great smoke rings. Then, Jen C. and Mel C. sure LOOK like they’re sisters – but they’re not, they’re just roommates, who obviously enjoy each others’ company. They’re also both great smokers; there are two shoots, one at the makeup table and the other just hanging out (they take turns smoking in the second shoot, since Mel is having a coughing issue when Jen lights up). In both scenes, we see terrific french inhales (Jen) and smoke rings (Mel), plus mouth exhales, nose exhales, and hands-free smoking.

You can see sample clips here and here.

And you can see free previews from all of our sites here. Come join us!

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