6/15: New this week at Smoke Signals Online

This week at Smoke Signals Online, we’ve added more than 800 new photos and 21 minutes of smoking video.
In the photo galleries, Georgia is back in this week’s photo gallery updates, this time in four shoots that include glamour shoots with lots of closeups, and a casual shoot on the pool table. Of course, the locations are secondary to Georgia’s smoking: her huge drags, long holds, enormous exhales and incredible style.
Then, sexy Jada-Marie is in white bra and panties in the high-res galleries, smoking a cork and letting the smoke ooze out of her mouth after most of her drags.

In the video gallery, petite accomplished smoker Sara P. is back in two terrific shoots. One is artistic, with the light and closeups accentuating the smoke and her face beautifully; one shows her chaining as she plays with her smoke in front of the dressing room mirror. There is every manner of sensational smoking in each shoot, from snaps and frenches to double drags and hands-free smoking. Next, in a trio shoot, Sara P. is in the nightclub, in a hot outfit and short skirt, smoking with deep drags and snaps, thick mouth and nose exhales; Elo comes up to chat and steals a few drags. Maddie then arrives, smokes at the cigarette machine and then joins Sara and Elo and the three continue to talk as they smoke with great style.

You can see sample clips here and here.

And you can see free previews from all of our sites here. Come join us!

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