5/8: New this week at Smoke Signals Online

This week at Smoke Signals Online, the Smoking Fetish Megasite, we’ve added nearly 600 new photos and 14 minutes of smoking video.
In the photo galleries, Tash W. and Gali do their makeup and hair, and just clown around a bit as they listen to music and smoke in the dressing room; there’s some nice smoking throughout. Then, the duo gets comfortable as they hang out on the couch and share a VS 120; Gali smokes with her usual strong style while Tash shows her exceptional style (including double and triple drags, huge nose exhales and dangles) – while encouraging Gali to drag more deeply and take double drags along with her – and Gali’s happy to oblige.
And casual yet sexy, Ash debuts with deep drags, some double drags, some right-at-you exhales and some rapid smoking.

In the video gallery, Sissy is back from a night out, relaxing with a few Marlboro Menthol 100s before talking off her fashionable black gown – and naturally she can’t help herself. She starts touching herself, the gown comes off, the lingerie comes off, and she’s off to happy town as she smokes, with nice deep drags, thick cone exhales, and some open-mouth inhales as well.

You can see a sample clip here.

And you can see free previews from all of our sites here.

Smoke Signals Online – come check it out :)

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